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Are we happy?

All through history, philosophers have contemplated the nature of happiness. Today, teenagers all over the world bop along to saccharine Taylor Swift songs, bemoaning how their life is hard/ sad/ … Continue reading

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1. Fashion cycles: always changing, always changing faster each time. 2. Stop it with the body-shaming: social media for social change. 3. The fashion blogosphere.

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Fashion cycles: always changing, always changing faster each time.

Honestly, I can’t keep up with fashion. In 2011, it was clashing prints, maxi dresses, and neutral colours. Fall 2012, however, has seen high necklines, contrasting collars, and bold red … Continue reading

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There is no originality in fashion… Oh really?

As I strolled down the streets of Melbourne CBD, noting the appearance of yet another pair of burgundy skinny jeans, slouchy granny sweaters, and peplum tops, I am heartily convinced … Continue reading

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Stop it with the body-shaming: social media for social change

I’m sitting before staring at the ‘Add New Post’ on WordPress, sitting before a blank page, and I’m wondering: what the hell am I doing? KONY2012 might have been a … Continue reading

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The fashion blogosphere

We live an age of social media. Facebook! Twitter! Friendster! LinkedIn! Youtube! FourSquare! Skype! Flickr! Blogger! All you need is an email account to be able to microblog on Twitter, … Continue reading

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The six fashion trends that should never see the light of the day.

1. Harem pants. Because the name alone sounds frumpy, dumpy, and something that should remain at the back of the wardrobe. And because those pants make your crotch deceptively droopy. … Continue reading

October 2, 2012 · 2 Comments

Dove Evolution Campaign: beauty

Despite its age, the Dove Evolution Campaign will always pack a punch for me: a punch of authenticity. In a world where images are digitally retouched, flaws are corrected by … Continue reading

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Fashion classics: it’s all about the money, money, money…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term fashion classics. I’m sure you have one of these in your wardrobe: a trench coat, the little black dress, classic boyfriend shirt, and … Continue reading

September 4, 2012 · 1 Comment

The ugly underbelly of consumer culture

Does anyone recall the Nike sweatshop scandal, whereby it was unveiled that those spanking branded new shoes were made by underpaid, overworked workers under harsh and unethical conditions? Those pair … Continue reading

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