Muses about everything from MECM20003 to hipster glasses and hot chocolate

Who the duck is 9to5musings?

9to5musings is a blog where the sleep-addled, coffee-deprived muses about all things relating to fashion happening in our consumerist society.

Why fashion? Simple. Fashion is everywhere. Simply put, everyone does fashion. And it’s not just threads, patterns, fabrics. It’s an identity you’re showing to the world. It’s our potential for creativity, our human potential. It speaks of a wider subculture, culture, society.

It’s seemingly simple, but complex.

Can one thing say so much? Really, is it not worth examining?

What do I want to do? I want to question these fashion trends: why are they there? I want to unveil the fallacy behind the consumer culture we live in. I want to unearth and excavate these cliches behind fashion, and consumer culture. I want to criticize everything that needs criticizing, particularly my vendetta against gap teeth, hideous berms, and leggings as jeans (God Bless).

I’m intensely interested in popular culture, sociological happenings, apple crumble, and cats. So yes, expect explorations in fashion in all these situations… And more!

Do I think it’s important? As a narcissistic blog writer, definitely. But, as someone who lives in a world where we are referred to as statistic or consumers (arguably more than we are as human beings), I think it’s even more important.

And eventually, I hope that you, the reader, will be able to think about the ideas I raised, be it for a second in passing, or a minute. I hope I will make you stop your busy social networking, and just use time to think. I hope my imagination and passion will let you contemplate and bring new perspectives to the culture we live in.

Because really, I hope I was influential enough to be your food for thought. Hopefully apple crumble.


One comment on “Who the duck is 9to5musings?

  1. awajcman
    August 13, 2012

    Apple crumble and cats sounds good to me. Am interested to see what your first post is!

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